For those of us who have lived with a deep sense of shame and have a strong inner critic, the practice of self-compassion often passes through three stages. These were documented by clinical psychologist Christopher Germer:


  • The Backdraft. Much like an oxygen-deprived fire finally getting some oxygen, an explosion occurs. Emotionally, this may look like intense anger and negativity. The inner critic fears for its survival in this kinder paradigm and fights back furiously. The way through is acceptance of this normal response.
  • Infatuation. Once the resistance passes, feelings of happiness, freedom, and inner peace become possible. During this stage, it's easy to get attached to the positive feelings; denying or avoiding the more painful side of the human experience.
  • True Acceptance. The final stage of wisdom where self-compassion can be viewed as care, rather than the cure.


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~32" x 26"



Cotton cord

Air plants INCLUDED!


Air Plants for Compassion

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