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Kombucha  is an ancient fermented tea made possible by a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast  (SCOBY) or "The Mother."

Back in 220 BC, kombucha was known as "the tea of immortality." Now over 2,000 years later,

microbiome research is suggesting that kombucha may live up to its ancient nickname.

This tasty brew is teeming with beneficial probiotics which can improve gut health, mental health, and overall immunity.




organic tea

glass oNLY

a metal-free, plastic-free operation

We purposefully brew small batches in food-grade glassware to nurture the healthiest SCOBY. 

The vast majority of commercial kombucha companies brew in stainless steel to manage large volumes of tea. Unfortunately, the acetobacter component of the SCOBY is vulnerable to EMF radiation in the metal environment. This results in a dominant yeast culture and a completely different tea. 

taste the Sweet Mother difference